Exhibitor’s Marketing

In order to be in the spotlight in an environment where many brands compete for the same audience in different ways, get to know our tips to leverage your promotion.

Merchandising Actions:
Provide better visibility on the market by promoting your products, brands and services to a targeted audience and ensure more prominence before, during and after the event.
• Aerial Banners, wc stickers, wall stickers, ads on the portal, among other opportunities.

Ask our sales team for suggestions:
- Anderson Ramos | anderson.ramos@glbr.com.br | Phone: +55 21 2441-9465 | Mobile: +55 (21) 97515-8910
- Thiago Muniz | thiago.muniz@glbr.com.br | Phone: +55 21.2441-9377 | Mobile: +55 21 99256-6539


Sponsorship Actions:
Having a specific area with your brand and providing tasting sessions as well as pleasant sensations to customers is synonymous with success by strengthening the brand image, exactly as big multinational companies do worldwide.

Please contact our team:

- São Paulo Sales Executive:

Vanessa Spoladore | vanessa.spoladore@fagga.com.br | + 55 11 99326-2078


Inform your participation in the trade show and location of your booth and anticipate the news you will bring to Brazil Brau. Prepare special actions and include information of your participation in the company's website, social networks, print and digital media ads, email marketing and press relations.
• Press Office: Your team can get in touch with our press department via e-mail laura.harvey@fagga.com.br in order to exchange information and have a joint action.
• Use the press room: Prepare releases about your company. Journalists will go around the room in search of news.
• Promote your company on our website and social networks.

Send your information to our team via email: laura.harvey@fagga.com.br

Informações & Vendas:
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